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Advice For Locating the Best Stacked Washer Dryers of 2012 There was a time when it was hard to find stacked washer dryers for home use but that's not the case anymore. If you have room for two side by side machines, then you probably would not want the stacked machines. The offerings for stacked washer dryers in 2012 is amazing with many excellent features and value.

Locating The Ideal Stacked Washer Dryer in 2012 Models

A washer and dryer purchase is major, and you'll need to be sure of what's best for your home. Stacked washer dryers have a lot to offer, as they are both convenient and economical. No worries about locating something that will work the best and at a price point that won't cause a problem. Here are some overviews of reliable stacked washer dryers available in 2012.

The Speed Queen ATE50 27" Stacked Electric Washer Dryer is a unit made by one of the leaders in washing machines. Have no concerns at all from Speed Queen because they've been making customers happy for close to a century of business. It gives you a better than average warranty of 3 years on parts and labor for the entire machine. This stacked washer dryer features 8 cycles and 300 G-Force high speed water extraction for the most efficient wash cycles. The dryer has 3 cycles and a heavy duty exhaust fan, but it's also designed to run quietly and efficiently, so it won't disturb you. Some washer dryer combinations can only wash a small load at a time, but you can find different capacities. But you'll hopefully take that into consideration because if not then that will not be a good thing. You may get energy savings, but if you're doing tons of loads each day then what's the point. So you can save both on power as well as water usage, and this is the good thing about modern designs.

Buying a brand new set of stacked washer and dryer could be the ideal thing to do. That way, you have everything you need and you can be certain that the washer and dryer are made to go together. You then have to purchase an inexpensive stacking kit to connect them, Samsung, for example, sells a stacking kit that works with many of their front load washers and dryers.

When you get the stacking kit, then you can relax and just go with any suitable machines rather than being locked into something you didn't choose.

There's a lot to think about with choosing a good set of stacked washers and dryers. If there is a clear need for this design, then that's fine and you'll find what is best. If possible, go to your favorite store and see what the buzz is all about with stacked washers and dryers and you'll like what you see.
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